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BILLING: Statements will be sent by the 1st as a reminder and a convenience. Payment is due on the 1st of the month you are being serviced. Payment must be received by the 10th of the month service is rendered to avoid a late charge. Accounts with returned checks will be charged $25.00 for handling. Cancellation notices must be received before the 1st of the month to avoid any charges for the next month. Accounts cancelled 30 days or more will be subject to a re-start charge.

ONLINE ACCOUNT ACCESS: To access your account online including service slips and past invoices, log on to www.verysimpl.com and select “My Account.” You will be directed to enter your Username and Password. (contact us if you have forgotten or misplaced your username or password)

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HOW OFTEN DO WE COME? The SIMPL SYSTEM requires at least bi-weekly treatments during the fall/winter season and weekly during the spring/summer season. Our monthly charge is based on the annual expense of servicing your pool. (No budget breaking bills during peak season!)

HOW SOON CAN YOU SWIM? SIMPL asks that you remain out of the pool while we are conducting services. The pool may be used one hour after treatment.

ALGAE: We guarantee no algae if the SIMPL SYSTEM is followed.
In accordance with our Chemical Service the following functions should be performed:
(1) Your filter system should operate 8-12 hours daily during the spring, summer and fall and 6-8 hours per day during winter months. (2) Pools should have regular maintenance performed including; vacuuming, brushing and filter and basket cleaning. Extra cleaning should be performed during the spring pollen & blossom season.
If you suspect a problem, please call our office immediately! PLEASE, DO NOT ADD ANY CHEMICALS!
NOTE: Pools that are drained, over 20,000 gallons, or leak incur an additional charge.
STAINING: The SIMPL SYSTEM will not cause stains. All pools eventually stain or discolor; some just take longer than others, depending upon local conditions. We have found that these problems are caused by: 1) Plastering technique and mixture 2) Pool design which results in poor circulation or “dead” areas 3) Materials used in construction such as calcium chloride, multicolor sand or iron chips in cement or aggregate 4) Electrolysis 5) Minerals in water supply 6) Metal pool fittings 7) Dirt, leaves, toys, coins, hair pins, etc., left in the pool. Due to many factors over which we have no control, we cannot accept any responsibility for pool staining or discoloration.


HOW OFTEN DO WE COME? The SIMPL SYSTEM is effective when there are consistent treatments. The initial Treatment will be followed up 30 days later by the first quarterly treatment. After that we will return every 90 days to reinforce the pest barrier.
IS IT SAFE? YES! Our pesticides are kid and pet friendly! We ask that you wait to let any treated areas dry first before allowing access to the treated areas. SIMPL and Safe.

ACCESS: Please keep the pathways to the pool/yard, clear of any obstructions or debris. Please pen or leash dogs to prevent escape. If an unfriendly dog is out or the yard/pool is inaccessible, the service will not be performed. Please supply a key or combination if the gate is locked. You will be charged a return fee if inaccessible on the scheduled service day.

We thank you for allowing us to provide service to you, and hope you will enjoy using our customer portal. If you have questions, or need assistance logging in, please give us a call at the number below.

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Get a FREE month with every referral that becomes a Simpl customer!


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