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3007, 2020

Outdoor Pest Control and What You Can Do

When you hear the term ‘Pest Control,’ the first things that come to mind are cockroaches and mice getting inside your home. A fair amount of people assume that if the problem is outside, it is not much of a problem, but this is unfortunately not the case. In this article, we hope to explain […]

2303, 2019

It’s peak termite swarming season

Be sure to check your home for signs of termite activity or schedule a visit with your local pest control exterminator.

Mike Bentley from the National Pest Management Association says all homes are vulnerable, even if it’s concrete block or stucco.

“Unfortunately, there’s plenty of lumber inside the home including furring strips that are holding up the drywall, […]

2203, 2019

Targeting Mosquitos

We are the only Pest Control Company that targets mosquitos as part of the quarterly service. Mosquitos are the deadliest creature killing more humans than any other pest. Make your life Simpl today and bug free tomorrow! Simpl #simpl #simplpestcontrol

Environmentally Safe – Contains No Pesticides
No Batteries or Electricity Required
Key component for […]

2909, 2016

Targeting Over 200 Pest!

We find them so they don’t bother you! Over 200 target pest. Only $23.99 per month.

2206, 2016

on-our-way notifications

Hate scheduling a service and then waiting around all day for the technician to show up? Us too! That’s why we offer on-our-way notifications. We make it SIMPL.

2106, 2016

Find the bug. “Like” when you see it.

Find the bug. “Like” when you see it.

1906, 2016

Happy Fathers Day!

From all of us at Simpl, to all the Dad’s out there, Happy Fathers Day!

1806, 2016

Turn your little ones into artists #SIMPLcrafts

Turn your little ones into artists #SIMPLcrafts

1206, 2016

Anytime you need us, any way that’s convenient for you, we’re here.

Anytime you need us, any way that’s convenient for you, we’re here.

1206, 2016

Texas-sized wasps!

Texas-sized wasps, they’re out and about. If you find these guys around your house or yard, call us!