Be sure to check your home for signs of termite activity or schedule a visit with your local pest control exterminator.

Mike Bentley from the National Pest Management Association says all homes are vulnerable, even if it’s concrete block or stucco.

“Unfortunately, there’s plenty of lumber inside the home including furring strips that are holding up the drywall, trusses and everything else in the home, even the roof itself,” Bentley said. “All of that relies on structural lumber, which termites can feed on. Not to mention hardwood floors, cabinets and other things inside the home that are of course made of wood.”

Just to show how destructive termites can be, the National Pest Management Association unleashed 500,000 termites into the soil around a tiny, built to scale home to see what would happen. As researchers watched and studied, the tiny wood chompers attacked the home.

In almost no time, it was a total structural loss. Even though the home looked fine from the outside. Click or tap here to see the NPMA tiny house.