2011, 2015

Freeze Warning!

Always run your pool equipment during freezing temperatures. Circulating water will keep ice from forming in your pool or equipment (most freezing temps occur between midnight and 7am). A freeze guard on your timer will automatically turn on your system. Contact us if you are interested in having one installed.
If a loss of power should […]

2310, 2015

Customer Review

Customer Testimonial for Simpl:  used you for years Always excellent,on time, helpful – Louis Zbinden

1910, 2015

Prevent Stains Today!

Remove and control stains in your pool $39.99

Safe and effective on Plaster, Vinyl and Fiberglass.
Controls Swimming pool stains, scale, calcium, rust, and corrosion.
Rust, Copper, General Brown and blue metal stains.
Get yours today! Contact us to order (Free delivery on route day).

1310, 2015

Why is my pool Green?

After several Shock Treatments, we sent out Route Manager extraordinaire, Jonathan Turner to check on the Customer’s green pool. He noticed there was something not quite right about the circulation system and decided to disassemble and inspect the Diatomaceous Earth filter. The problem became immediately apparent, a mass of dirt, leaves, debris & D.E. bridging […]

810, 2015

I have to do what???

I am sure you agree with me when I say “I will be first in line to purchase any item that is maintenance free.” Until then… we are stuck with daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly maintenance. From cars to pools, pets to pest control, everything we have or own requires some form of maintenance. Everyday I speak […]

2509, 2015

Pinching Pennies doesn’t always work…

After inspecting the Diatomaceous Earth filter our repair tech found a grid with a sewn patch. This sewn patch was allowing media to flow through he grid and compromise the filter. Diatomaceous Earth filters are made to have Diatomaceous Earth press against the grids so the media can filter out the debris in the water. Per manufacturer’s […]

909, 2015

Do I Need To Winterize My Pool?

If you live north of Dallas you probably should, however, our mild climate in San Antonio allows operation all year.   (Make Sure You Circulate Pump During Freezing Temperatures!)

Should I Cover My Pool During The Winter?   “That depends.”  If you have an extremely bad leaf problem during the fall and don’t mind looking out […]

909, 2015

How often do I have to brush my pool?

Everyday I look out the window into the backyard and see a clear sparkling blue swimming pool.  Even during the winter, its aesthetic qualities lend a feeling of refreshment and relaxation. A covered pool can often mask the need for maintenance and chemicals. Any dust or dirt left to sit on a plaster surface for […]

309, 2015

Is that Polaris Tangled Up?

I thought I might share some helpful information if you have this problem. Perhaps you can do-it-yourself and fix that tangled hose or call us if you have a problem with it.



Polaris Installation Manual:

1 – Measure the deepest part of the pool. Cut the leader hose, from end that attaches to feed hose, so length is […]

109, 2015

Pool Tips: Adding Water to my Pool

Pool Tips:

Q: I’m going on vacation and need to add water to my pool while we are gone. Any recommendations?
A: Yes, place the garden hose hanging over the edge of the pool. Leave the water on a slow trickle, faster than a drip but slower than a regular stream, just enough to make noise as […]