About Sterling

Sterling received his Texas Real Estate Broker License 2002 and concentrated on residential real estate in the San Antonio, Texas area. In 2006 he graduated from UTSA with a BBA in Finance. In 2007 he joined the team for operations management, forecasting, pricing, and development.
2501, 2016

How to kill a spider

Other than calling us, it’s the only way to be sure!

1601, 2016

Customer Review!

Timeliness, Customer Service, Quality – Jessica Moreno

401, 2016


I truly appreciate the professional and courteous employees that are part of your company.   Jackie Blackmon

1812, 2015

The Sarlacc is real (Star Wars)

For all of the Star Wars fans out there (and at Simpl)! The antlion was the inspiration behind the sarlacc, an alien in Star Wars Return of the Jedi. The sarlacc was used by Jabba the Hut to dispose his enemies/victims by throwing them in the sarlacc’s pit. More than likely you have see an antlion […]

1512, 2015

Upgrade & get FREE Pest Control!

Upgrade your pool pump to a Two-speed pump or variable speed pump before January 31, 2016 and receive 3 months free pest control service!

Two-speed pumps are known to save up to 55% of the energy cost over a single speed.

Variable speed pumps are known to save up to 90% of the energy cost over a […]

1412, 2015


“Such a friendly guy! Thank you for coming out so quickly, we will see you again in 30 days!” – Erika S.

1312, 2015

Access Invoice History

Account access at your finger tips. View unpaid invoices, Previous invoices and Sign up for Automatic Bill Pay. You can always contact us if you have any questions concerning your account. 

1212, 2015

Access Pictures from Technicians

Access Pictures from Technicians (Pictures are time-stamped with uploaded time and date)

1112, 2015

Access your Past Services

If you are signed up to receive notifications you will see the details of your services instantly. A history of the services that were provided are on your account. Access your Past Services and Open Appointments through your Simpl Account Log-in.

1012, 2015

On-our-way Notifications (we can text or email you when we are on our way)

Do you want to be set up for notifications? Contact us today!